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Modern Samurai armor concepts by LordKomodo
Modern Samurai armor concepts
These are more recent sketches of the Modern Samurai armor for the Modern samurai story I've been working on. It really has changed from it's original concept here… This is the main characters armor and it changed from a ceremonial looking suit to a more tactical one. Instead of armor plating most of the suit is made out of nano fiber muscle strands ( the final concept is at the bottom left ). The armors AI allows it to calculate the movements of enemies before they make them allowing the samurai to make split second decisions making them the ultimate weapon. Since this story takes place in the year 2235, most of their enemies from human traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists all have cybernetic implants allowing the suit to hack into their systems to know their movements before they make them. I will describe more of the suits functions in greater detail when I create a full body picture of the suit.  
Warframe sketches by LordKomodo
Warframe sketches
These are a few Warframe sketches I did a year ago. I always loved Warframes character designs because they're so different than those from other games. They all look very organic, like there isn't a person under it but more like the suit itself is their skin. Left side of the picture from top to bottom is Vauban with Death Cube, below him is a concept of another Warframe I made and to the right of him is Volt. At the top right of the picture is Loki with the Essence helmet with a bow and at the bottom right is Vauban and Volt fighting together. 
Ocean warfare by LordKomodo
Ocean warfare
Being around the water a lot has inspired me to come up with this concept. An idea of two enemy factions, one more militant while the other is more wild looking and most of their fighting takes place on the ocean. The soldiers in the picture that are jumping have high powered jets attached to their legs which propel them through the water and air and yes, they have shark helmets. They aren't actually " shark people " but their helmets are designed to look like ocean creatures giving them a more fierce look. It was a concept I made just for fun over the summer (: 
Project: Angel prototype 1 and Arch Angel by LordKomodo
Project: Angel prototype 1 and Arch Angel
This is a sketch I did last year of Prototype 1 from my Angel Project idea. It's another big story much like my Modern Samurai concept and I've done quite a bit of art for it. There is a lot to explain but I want to explain Prototypes 1 story with a more complete picture. These are just merely sketches of the earlier designs for the Angel armor. 
Modern Samurai forest spirits by LordKomodo
Modern Samurai forest spirits
These little guys are from the Spirit world in the Modern Samurai story. The character up on the top is a more updated design of the little forest spirit in this picture… I didn't want it to resemble the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke so I changed the design. I must say a lot of my spirit concepts are heavily inspired by the movies Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. The picture below is the village that the character on the top of the picture is from ( still need to figure out a name or his kind and a name for himself ). Will draw more concepts of this in the future. 

Moving on

Tue Oct 23, 2012, 8:14 PM

Well I got some bad news and good news. I'll start with the bad news XD
The bad news is that since I have a very slow dell computer that kicks it's own ass every time I start up photoshop, I have stopped working on all of my photoshop pieces. It's not only super old but for such a poor system to power my Cintiq is quite the challenge being that the Cintiq is a very powerful piece of technology.

The good news is...I'm getting a new computer :D Not only will this new computer help me with photoshop but in the long run, it's gonna help me with my future career as a game artist :iconyeahplz:  I've been looking at different art colleges near me and Full Sale seems to be the one I like the best. Not only does it have the program I need to progress as a game artist but many other game artists came out of Full Sale so I'm looking forward to art college (:

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